Malcolm Brown is Co-founder and Director of wood4good pty ltd. Wood4good is a mission-driven organisation using regenerative forestry practices to create new forests.  Forestry is a solution to many of our environmental, social, and economic problems., We work collaboratively to create enterprises that help protect and restore ecosystems and provide an alternative supply of quality forest products. These are forests managed to generate a perennial source of renewable materials, energy, and income, providing a natural climate solution that helps future-proof vulnerable communities.

Our Useful Features & Services

Biodiversity - We are a fauna-friendly operation that creates new forests and new habitat to protect wildlife and support the health of biodiverse ecosystems.

Climate - We create new perennial forests that store carbon and energy, pump water vapour and cool and regenerate soils and landscapes.

Forest Products - We create genuinely sustainable forest enterprises that are actively managed for the production of bioenergy and an ever-growing range of value-added forest products.