Sunergy is owned and operated by a current Girton family. The company supplies and installs solar and battery solutions for homes, businesses and RV needing grid connect, backup power, or off-grid solutions. Sunergy is the approved LG Solar and battery distributor in Central Victoria. We are authorised to install partners for other quality solar brands including Victron, SMA, and REC solar products. We have our own qualified and accredited in house install crews to ensure we have to control the quality of the end to end solution. Sunergy specialises in solar products and installations that are proven to last the test of time. Sunergy was established in 2010.

Many people are currently spending far more time at home, including working from home. This means higher power consumption, especially during the daytime. We believe now is a great time to consider solar and energy storage. To protect you and our staff from the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented new controls that allow you to invest in solar with almost zero contact with our customers and our employees.

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