We are a leading professional services consultancy, providing project and engineering solutions to the Transport, Property & Buildings, and Water Sectors. These services include Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, and Project Management.

Rapid population growth, climate change and densification of urban areas requires us to maximise the application of water for human well-being whilst minimising impact on the environment

Water security is central to the sustainability and prosperity our communities. It is depended on for drinking, agriculture, industry, environment, and social cohesion. Rapid population growth, climate change, and densification of urban areas requires us to maximise the application of water for human well-being whilst minimising impact on the environment

RMG takes an integrated approach to deliver solutions for complex water management problems. We understand the economic, technical, institutional, and social aspects of providing water-related services. We provide integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions that encompass the whole water cycle, meeting the developmental needs of our client, society, and the environment.

Working with clients across the entire project life cycle, we can provide support from initial planning studies, through design to construction and hand over to operations. Our experience includes providing services for both traditional and innovative delivery models (design-build, public-private partnerships).

Transport systems are a multi-modal integrated network which requires solutions that are innovative, flexible, and sustainable. Providing means to move people and goods across our continent.

Our integrated approach and social responsibility have earned us the trust of local municipalities, government agencies, and commercial clients. We understand the need for transportation links across communities and bring integrated commercial and technical experience to make them better places to live.

We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the entire infrastructure lifecycle, from pre-feasibility and business case preparation through to the operation and maintenance phases.

Property and Buildings
Developers are seeking efficient solutions that open up more usable spaces and draw greater potential from available land. We believe that innovative use of buildings and land can bring about a better quality of life for communities, genuine value for property developers, and sustainable approaches that benefit all.

The convergence of information and communications technologies with urban infrastructure is opening up new possibilities for connectivity and convenience in residential living.

RMG is a leader in delivering transformative property and building projects in Regional Australia, working with owners and developers to provide creative, flexible solutions that balance a growing demand for easy access to public transport, work, and urban leisure.

We provide multidisciplinary services across the entire project lifecycle, supporting our clients to realise their property and building projects.