Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists pride themselves on the thoroughness of their consultations. General eye examinations involve checking patients for refractive errors and any prescription requirements, as well as comprehensive ocular health assessments.

In addition to providing general optometric services, Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists also provide specialised services such as:

Children’s Vision Clinic: This clinic assists children (and some adults) with vision-related learning difficulties. Arthur Stevens is the only Behavioural Optometrist practising in the Central Victorian area.

Dry Eye Clinic: Dry eye affects approximately 20% of the Australian population. Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists are able to exclusively offer the services of their E-eye Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine in conjunction with their Oculus Keratogragh to the people of Central Victoria for the assessment and treatment of Dry eye.

Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT): also known as Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) involves wearing contact lenses while you sleep to enable you the freedom of vision without glasses or contact lenses during the day.

We are open for business as usual during Covid lockdown. Social distancing and strict hygiene practices are observed. If you need our services, we are still here for you!