Castlemaine Podiatry aims to offer a high level of professional service and care to all members of our community. We are your professional podiatry clinic in Castlemaine and understand that foot problems can impact on every aspect of our daily lives whether you are young or old, exercise recreationally or are an elite athlete or just enjoy walking the dog around the block.

The podiatrist’s at Castlemaine Podiatry regularly attend conferences and continuing education opportunities to ensure we are aware of the latest research and treatment methods to ensure optimal care for all our clients.

Our Useful Features & Services

General Footcare

Corns, Callous and long toenails can be painful and debilitating. Regular treatment, along with footwear advice can allow you to lead an active healthy life.

Diabetic Footcare

Diabetes can affect circulation and sensation particularly in the periphery (feet). An annual foot assessment with our up-to-date equipment at Castlemaine Podiatry will help detect any early changes – prior to them becoming a problem. 

Orthotic Therapy

Castlemaine Podiatry we can prescribe both custom made and pre-fabricated (off the shelf) orthoses. After a thorough gait analysis, we can prescribe an orthotic that will suit your biomechanical &/or injury needs.